LG replaces deuterium with hydrogen for high-quality displays


LG Display has launched the latest OLED TV technology, OLED.EX. OLED EX is an Abbreviation of Evolution and eXperience.

Deuterium compounds are used to make highly efficient organic light-emitting diodes that emit stronger light. This Next-Generation OLED EX Display By LG Is 30% Brighter Than Current OLED TVs but also allows the company to reduce the screen thickness and have a smaller margin.

 The slower rate of chemical degradation and ultimately longer lifespan of OLED devices are the benefits of replacing hydrogen with deuterium in OLEDs.




Deuterium oxide is widely used as a source of deuterium in the manufacture of deuterium compounds used in OLEDs. Mesbah Energy Company can supply deuterium compounds required by OLED manufacturers. Contact us for more information.

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