What can deuterium do for OLED displays?


OLED displays are the preferred technology for many commercial products due to their high-quality images, lower power consumption, and simple designs. Despite these benefits, OLED displays face technical challenges, such as low brightness.


However, research has shown that deuterium can significantly increase brightness through improved lifetime. Deuterium is already being used in the production of OLED displays to stabilize components and improve efficiency.


By replacing hydrogen with deuterium during the final wafer sintering process, degradation effects in metal oxide semiconductor transistors can be reduced. Notably, deuterated compounds are also used in electronics manufacturing to produce better-performing electronics and extend the lifespan of OLED screens.


Other deuterated compounds are used in electronics manufacture, such as deuterated benzene, which has been proven to increase performance. Bromobenzene-d5 is used in the manufacturing of electronic components and OLED displays.



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