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12 June 2021
NMR and Deutrated Solvents

Use of Deuterated compounds as an internal standard in newborn screening using LC-MS / MS

Newborn screening is a screening test that is performed for early detection of abnormalities or congenital metabolic diseases, in order to identify the disease at birth ...

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10 June 2021
Stable Isotope Analysis

Application of stable isotopes in the measurement of steroid hormones using the LC-MS / MS system

According to the researches and experiments done in the field of material analysis by LC-MS / MS method for quantitative and accurate measurement and high sensitivity of steroids, like fatty acids, it has been used as an internal standard.

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20 May 2021
NMR and Deutrated Solvents

Importance and benefits of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in H NMR-assisted metabolic research

Metabolomics as an interdisciplinary research field has attracted the attention of many scientists in recent years. One of the most powerful tools in metabolic studies is the magnetic resonance of the NMR nucleus

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