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12 August 2021
NMR and Deutrated Solvents

Application of NMR in the food industry

NMR is able to analyze the physical and chemical properties of different systems at the molecular level. The basis of NMR work is the analysis of the nuclei of atoms that ...

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06 July 2021
Stable Isotope Analysis

Meteorology, oceanography and climate change using stable isotopes

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to human civilization, but determining future climate scenarios is only possible if we know what has happened to the planet's climate in the past. By understanding the changes ...

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05 July 2021
Stable Isotope Analysis

Application of stable isotope technique in ecological studies

In recent years, with the development of nuclear science, the application of isotopic techniques (stable and radioactive) in biological and non-biological sciences has grown significantly, while in the field of biological sciences

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