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08 January 2022
Application of deuterium isotope

LG replaces deuterium with hydrogen for high-quality displays

LG Display has launched the latest OLED TV technology, OLED.EX. OLED EX is an Abbreviation of Evolution and eXperience

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02 January 2022
Stable Isotope Analysis

The Use of Stable Isotopes in the Study of Animal Migration

Stable isotopes have helped uncover migratory routes, trophic levels, and the geographic origin of migratory animals. They can be used on land as well as in the ocean and have revolutionized how researchers study animal movement.

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22 November 2021
NMR and Deutrated Solvents

13C NMR spectroscopy and application of carbon isotopes

The carbon-13 isotope is widely used as a marker to identify the structure of organic compounds and even biological structures without damaging or degrading them.

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