What is Deuterium depleted Water(lighte water)? Is deuterium depleted water good for your body?


Deuterium depleted Water


What is Light Water?

Deuterium depleted water or light water is water that has a lower concentration of deuterium than usual. Deuterium is a heavier isotope of hydrogen that has a neutron next to a proton that doubles the mass of the hydrogen atom.


After the discovery of heavy water, it became clear that natural waters, depending on the location and location, differ not only in the composition and amount of water-soluble substances but also if there is a difference in isotopic composition. If the standard is ocean average water (VSMOW) - which is a standard for changing the isotopic composition of freshwater - deuterium is present in water at a rate of 155.76 islands per million (ppm). In other words, the abundance of deuterium in the water on Earth is approximately one deuterium atom to 6,420 hydrogen atoms. If it changes to deuterium, it is very low from one natural water source to another.

Real light water with a deuterium content of 0 ppm does not exist in nature. The lightest water on Earth, formed as a result of atmospheric processes, is found in Antarctic snow. Nature eliminates the possibility of using this drinking water due to its non-existence and high costs.

Light water production

Hydroelectric water, which is irrigated from heavy water, is produced only for the use of acceptable synthetic methods if this is done through a process of physicochemical complexity of the face. Such methods are performed by imitating the process of processing water in the Earth's atmosphere, but with higher efficiency. For example, the heavy water production process involves the separation of water deuterium. The by-product of this process is water made from deuterium. Water produced from deuterium is produced by electrolysis and distillation. Also, filtration through special membrane and crystallization are other methods of preparation. Also, water prepared from deuterium can be produced directly using the sulfide grader process. Another new method is to use platinum catalysts in hot and cold temperatures to produce water prepared from deuterium with a concentration of 125 ppm.



Benefits of drinking light water on human health

The human body uses heavy water as much as water, except that heavy water kills all of the body's chemical reactions. Heavy water molecules inhibit the mitochondrial respiratory chain response, which is the most original energy response in most organisms. As a result, the level of utilization of the side and energy of the cells reduces or decreases it, which has a negative effect on the body and increases the risk of your disease. It has now been proven that potential diseases that can be caused by heavy water in the human body, including depression, type 2 diabetes, sultanas, and infectious diseases caused by a weakened immune system. Deuterium water (125 ppm deuterium) with a consumption of 2 liters per day, can affect the concentration of deuterium in the human body up to less than 1%. The concentration of deuterium in the body of adults is about 140-120 ppm. Although it seems such a small amount. The use of light water improves the energy in existing cells and increases the energy level in living organisms. Organisms can use these additional resources to solve potential problems in their vital activities.

The effects of drinking light water on the overall level of health of the organism are as follows:

Slowing down the aging process

Strengthen the immune system

Light water for skin freshness

Detoxification and detoxification

Adjust the gastrointestinal tract

Muscle strengthening

Increased vascular response

Improve tumor cells


Use of light water to treat cancer

If you want to supply water through two metrics, you can use it as a supplement for chemotherapy. Read in 1999 in Romania that water consumption at 30 ppm is doubled due to the high survival rate of missiles, which are exposed to radiation. A study of several patients with lung cancer found that administering deuterium-derived water for three months was significant, lasting for a long time, but this increased. Another researcher who fascinated Hungary in 2010 was treated with prostate cancer patients for two days, due to the significant conditions in the long survival of prostate cancer patients. Another study on the characteristics of cancer cells found that water from deuterium inhibited the proliferation and migration of cancer cells. In another study based on the potential role of the serotonin-related mechanism, it was found that deuterium water lamp increases the susceptibility to depression. And in studies, it is neuropathy that has been done on long-term memory and the stimulus of water prepared from deuterium has been replaced on long-term memory in mice. In Japan, 22 light water medical clinics use exercise to treat. Also, 6 pharmacies offer different light water products in different cities under the name of the distribution network.


Companies and manufacturers, due to the reduction of the effect of the king of this product, has not yet been conclusively proven, it is no longer an insistence on anti-counter-advertising of this product and does not involve this point for its products. Nevertheless, one of the most important prescriptions for cancer diet control in Romania, Japan, Russia, Germany, and the United States is deuterium water. (The first bi-antitumor drug, Vetera-DDW-25 ® for veterinary use, was registered in Hungary in 1999). This special issue shows more scientific visits to the sale and distribution of this product.



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