Quality Management System

 Mesbah Energy Company analysis section contains two modern and equipped labs, including Water and Stable Isotope analysis labs. These labs are well-armed sources to present the best quality control tests for diverse samples. Regarding to stable isotope analysis lab, this lab is the only source for quantitative measurement of D/H and 18O/16O ratio water over the ultra-depleted to natural isotopic concentration in Iran. Also, this lab is analyzing isotopic content of deuterium compound over all isotopic concentration, applying variety of analytical techniques. These analyses are done with cooperation with Isotope Hydrology laboratory of International Agency of Atomic Energy, and institute of water research of Iran.  Regarding to our Water lab, this lab is one of the best well equipped and modern labs through the country. This lab provides our customers with the best services such as analyzing organic and inorganic contamination of water.

To acquire the best result and satisfying our customers we attempt to meet the following goals:

Making confidence of the accuracy of the result of analyses via precise qualitative appliances. 

Applying appropriate methods and presenting qualified lab services to customers

Establishing effective connection with clients due to use their idea to meet their requirement

Cooperating with more than 30 high-level universities, laboratories and investigative centers.

Commitment to principles of secrecy.

       To approach the above goals, the laboratory of Mesbah Energy Company set up the management system based on international standard necessities (ISO/IEC 17025 (2005)).


Measuring the D/H and 18O/16O of water over ultra-depleted to natural isotopic concentration.

Total analysis of water elements over the ppm and ppb concentration ranges

Quality control and isotopic analysis of deuterated compounds over the all isotopic concentration ranges.

Quantitative analyses via high-tech techniques for cross checking processes


Applied measuring techniques:  

Electrochemical techniques

All Spectrochemical techniques

Mass spectrometry and Chromatography techniques

Laser techniques