Stable Isotope Labeled Compound


Stable isotope labeled compounds are non-radioactive chemicals where at least one element in a compound is replaced by its stable isotope. Over recent years the applications of stable isotope labeled compounds have significantly increased through the variety of research areas. Some of these applications are as follows: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy (MRI/MRS), NMR, PET Drug discovery Protein structure determination, proteomics, metabolic research, Mass spectroscopy internal standards Metabolism and in metabolism-mediated toxicity studies Drug metabolism, pharmacokinetic and toxicity studies Labeled Vitamins Labeled Steroids Tracing study Reaction mechanism study Agriculture study Oceanography Hydrology Climate change Forensic science Nutrition and dietary research Mesbah Energy Co. has already launched several projects for the production of stable isotope labeled compounds in cooperation with several of universities and research institutes, and we plan to release some of the stable isotope labeled products such as 18O, 13C, 34S, 15N in the near future. We invite all interested researchers and institutes to participate in joint projects that are implemented to synthesize and extend the applications of stable isotope labeled compounds.

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