Application of Deuterated compounds in electronic equipment



OLED is actually a simplified expression of the term organic light-emitting diode, which in Persian means "organic light-emitting diode". In general, old displays are made up of a thin layer of organic molecules between two electrodes. When an electric current is applied to them, they begin to emit light. This technology is widely used in devices such as televisions and Used cell phone screens.


oled tv

Since organic OLEDs do not have additional backlighting and optical components, they emit colored light directly. Therefore, they can be produced in very small thicknesses (5 mm thick). With the advancement and development of the technology of making old panels, it seems that the thickness of OLED TV is decreasing less and less every day.


Until a few years ago, the biggest technical problem with OLEDs was the limited life of the organic materials used in these devices due to heat and oxidation, which was produced during the operation of these electronic devices. Increases 10 times without adversely affecting other features of the device.


Optical Fibers


Fiber optics are long, thin strands of transparent material (such as silica glass or plastic) that can pull light from one end to the other. Fiber optics have a much higher bandwidth than conventional copper cables. It can easily transfer data, video, audio, etc. with high bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps and higher. Today, data transmission via fiber optics, due to the wider bandwidth compared to copper cables, and less latency Sending and receiving data is one of the most important and best data transmission tools compared to satellite communications, and the replacement of hydrogen with deuterium in these compounds allows to achieve much higher data transfer speeds by the demands of today's world.


Deuterium lamp manufacturing industry


Deuterium lamps are very common in spectroscopic devices. These devices have a deuterium radiation source, which is a continuous source of radiation in April. This source of radiation is separated by a monochromator and a narrow band of wavelength is sampled into the tube. Since deuterium lamps operate at high temperatures, magnesium fluoride coatings can be used instead of conventional glass coatings. . Lamps can. See the following list of deutre compounds used in electronic equipment:


Acetone-d6 (D, 99.8%)

Benzene-d6 ( 99.5%atom D)

Chloroform-d (D, 99.8%)

Deuterium chloride 

Deuterium oxide (D, 99.8%)

Dimethyl sulfoxide-d6 (D, 99.8%)

Sulfuric acid-d2 



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