what is deuterated Chloroform ?



Chloroform is a colorless liquid with the chemical formula CHCl3 whose vapor is toxic and prolonged respiration is lethal.


Industrial applications of chloroform


Acts as a mediator in the production of pigments and pesticides.


It kills bacteria, viruses, and pests by chlorination.


Used as an industrial solvent for grease, wax, resin, oil, grease, adhesive, in photography and laundry.


In the production of a refrigerant called HCFC-22, which is used as a coolant in air conditioners and refrigerators.


It is also used in the manufacture of organic chemicals such as cyclopropane, and tetrafluoroethane, which is an intermediate in the production of non-stick Teflon polymer.


Laboratory applications


As a laboratory reagent or reagent for the detection of type I amines.


It is used to store organic tissues in the laboratory, such as anatomical specimens because it prevents them from disintegrating or degrading.


The chemical chloroform has many applications in molecular biology.


Medical and pharmaceutical applications of the chemical chloroform


Chloroform is one of the best solvents for alkaloids in their basic form. Therefore, this substance is used to extract alkaloids from plant materials in the pharmaceutical industry.


Chloroform is used in the extraction of antibiotics, vitamins, and flavorings due to its solubility.


Chloroform can still be legally used as a local anesthetic in dentistry.


This substance is used in veterinary formulations to control helminth infection.


Deuterated chloroform


Chloroform, which is replaced by deuterium atoms (heavy hydrogen isotope), is one of the most widely used NMR solvents for non-polar compounds. In any analysis method, a solvent must be selected in such a way that it does not interfere with the study of the sample, is easily accessible, solves the sample completely, is ineffective and of course, is not expensive, so we must choose a solvent that Meets the maximum required criteria for an ideal solvent. In other words, this deuterium compound is invisible in the NMR spectrometer and is one of the most widely used NMR solvents due to its simple spectrum and no chemical interference in the desired spectrum. Is. Deuterated compounds have many applications for advanced academic research and some other applications such as tracking the progress of complex chemical reactions, optimizing the properties of drugs, making highly advanced polymers to optical fibers, etc. can be mentioned.



Quality control of deuterated chloroform by Mesbah Energy Company


To ensure the highest quality of the product, each batch of the product is normally checked during production and packaging to determine the chemical and isotopic purity by devices (GC, 1H NMR).


Proper storage and use of deuterated chloroform


Unopened chloroform jars should be refrigerated (-5 ° C to + 5 ° C) to maximize shelf life.

After opening the bottle, moisture and oxygen enter through the air, causing the chloroform to become acidic.


deuterated chloroform acid test


Karl Fischer titration for total water content and use of the following chemical methods for acidity:

Add 1 ml of solvent to a test tube containing. Then add 1 ml of distilled water and 2 drops of bromothymol. If the color of the sample solution changes from green-blue to yellow, the chloroform is acidic.


Specifications of deuterated chloroform  of Mesbah Energy Company


Chloroform-d ≥ 99.8 atom%D



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