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High-quality NMR solvents are essential for satisfying the most rigorous demands of NMR-based research and analyses. Our company is passionate about providing this high level of quality to our customers and work continuously to meet these requirements. We offer the widest range of NMR solvents with the highest isotopic enrichment available along with excellent chemical purity. We consistently review and improve our methods for solvent purification and for the reduction of water content in our already high-quality NMR solvents. All of our NMR solvents undergo thorough quality control testing during the manufacturing and packaging processes to verify that the product quality is preserved.



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Deuterated solvents, where 99+% of the protons are replaced with deuterium, are used as a solvent in NMR spectroscopy. Mesbah energy company is committed to providing the widest range of NMR solvents for routine use with excellent chemical purity and with the highest isotopic enrichment. Our company works continuously to preserve the quality of the product and to reduce the water content in high-quality NMR solvents.

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