What is FDG in pet scan? and Use of water Oxygen-18 as a precursor for the production of FDG molecules to diagnose cancer


What is FDG in pet scan?

Application of Oxygen-18 isotope in medical sciences to diagnose diseases using PET scan or cut-off technique with positron emission can be one of the most accurate methods of scanning cancer cells that are in the earliest stages of growth. The main application of oxygen-18 is in the form of an H218O molecule. This type of isotope is used to produce an 18F radio tracker for the synthesis of sugar molecules of 18FDG publication. The brain theory of epilepsy and Alzheimer's is a practical diagnosis of heart disease.




In 1968, Dr. Joseph Pakak and colleagues in the Department of Organic Chemistry, Charles University, was the first to describe the synthesis of FDG. Later, in the 1970s, Tatsu Edo and El Wolf at the Brookhaven National Laboratory were the first to describe FDG synthesis labeled 18F. The compound was first injected by Abbas Alavi in August 1976 at the University of Pennsylvania into two normal human volunteers. Brain images obtained with a standard (non-PET) nuclear scanner show a concentration of 18F-FDG in that organ and continue to produce your device, called a PET scan, to detect cancerous tumors and monitor the progression of the disease.


Production of FDG molecules





To produce a complete FDG radio-detector, the 18 F radioisotope must first be made as a fluoride anion in a cyclotron.

Oxygen-enriched water is used to make the fluoride 18 anion, and F-18 nuclei are produced by the p-n (proton-neutron) reaction.

The labeled 18F-FDG compound has a relatively short shelf life of 109.8 minutes, unlike other medical radioisotopes such as 11C.

The following is an overview of the production of FDG molecule by oxygen-18.



FDG PET scan technique is one of the most powerful tools we have to diagnose and monitor the disease.

This technique, often used in conjunction with MRI, helps radiologists differentiate between healthy tissue and diseased tissue so that cancer can be accurately diagnosed and treated appropriately.


But for many patients and their loved ones, the complexity of FDG PET scanning can make the experience of using it confusing and challenging.




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